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Current Affairs 20th May,2019

Current Affairs 20th May,2019

20-05-2019 By Admin

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Current Affairs 20th May,2019

Indian short film wins Nespresso Talents award

India filmmaker, Achutanand Dwivedi's film, 'Seed Mother ', won the third prize in the international section of Nespresso Talents Award 2019 in Canes. The awards are held annually as a part of the Cannes Critics' week to encourage new perspectives in filmmaking. The theme for the 2019 awards was 'We Are What We Eat'. 

Jeffrey confirmed as US' next Deputy AG

Jeffrey Rosen was confirmed as the United States' latest Deputy Attorney General(AG) by the US Senate. He has previously served at the Department of Transportation as the Deputy Secretary. He will replace Rod Rosenstein who oversaw Robert Mueller's investigations into Russian collusion in the 2016 Presidential elections. US President Donald Trump nominated Rosen for the job in February 2019.

'Most Bird-like' dinosaur ever found

Scientists in Germany have found a new species of flying dinosaur that flapped its wings like a raven. Archaeopteryx, a small feathered dinosaur, was considered to be the oldest flying bird. Scientists have named the new dinosaur Alcmonavis poeschli. Alcmonavis poeschli was the most bird-like bird discovered from the Jurassic. 

New vine snake species found in Odisha

Zoologists have discovered a new vine snake species from the eastern State of Odisha. A new taxon of vine snake is being found after a gap of over a century. The last time a vine snake species was described was in 1906. Vine snake is a slender rear-fanged snake with narrow heads and pointed snouts. Seven vine snake species are found in India. 

Maritime defence exhibition held in Singapore 

Two warships of the Indian Navy- INS Kolkata and INS Shakti participated in the International Maritime Defence Exhibition Asia (IMDEX Asia-2019) in Singapore. IMDEX Asia 2019 commenced on 14 May 2019. After IMDEX, Indian Naval Ships will participate in the 26th edition of Singapore India Maritime Bilateral Exercise (SIMBEX) scheduled from 16 to 22 May 2019. 

Female referee team to officiate AFC Cup game

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) announced that for the first time an all-female referee team will take charge of a men's continental club cup clash. Japenese referee Yoshimi Yamashita and assistants Makoto Bozono and Naomi Teshirogi will officiate the AFC Cup match between Myanmar's Yangon United and Cambodia's Naga World.

Chinkara sanctuary declared in Bukkapatna

Nearly 148.45 sq. km of forests in Bukkapatna in Tumakuru district of Karnataka has been declared as a Chinkara Wildlife Sanctuary. The Chinkara Sanctuary is the second protected area for the conservation of the rare antelope in the State after Yedehalli in Bagalkot. 

World Metrology Day:2019

World Metrology Day is observed every year on 20 May. It commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention in 1875. The theme for World Metrology Day 2019 is 'The International System of Units- Fundamentally better'.