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Mr. Anshuman Dwivedi
Director of Rao Ias Institute

Directors Message

Dear Competitors,

Welcome to the world of charm, dream, power, prestige and honor. IAS is a word that commands no less respect, charm & awe than a holy mantra. By becoming an IAS one becomes a global citizen. No other means can make you so powerful in a single effort except Civil Services. The more is said about IAS the much more still remains to be said- Only being is knowing. In the language of Upanishad, ‘They who know it tell it not, they who tell it know it not.’ So it’s better not to talk too much what an IAS is rather useful to talk how to become one.

Becoming an IAS is as simple as becoming a graduate. The difference is you become a graduate by reading a fort night or a month. But for IAS you need to read many fortnights or many months in a go. You need to know the pith and the crux of your optional subject. You are also required to be, generally, appropriately acquainted with the essential terminology of your optional subject. You should know that the same word has different connotation not only in different discipline but also in different subjects of the same discipline. So you are required to be very particular in using the words while writing the answer of your optional.

General Studies- general is very deceptive term for preparing compulsory paper of civil services. Probably commission does not draw the same meaning of the term which is usually known to the people. Here ‘general’ means uncommon. So you are required to read something uncommon out of the general literature available in your surroundings. One more example, if you belong to arts discipline & your subjects are Geography, History & Economics you are required to read these subjects in an uncommon & different way than generally read by other students of the same discipline who are not preparing for civil services. What I want to say to you, general studies paper virtually tests your uncommon study.

Essay is the microscopic expression of the personality of the writer. A photograph might give a false expression about the person but essay is the honest dissection of the soul, psyche and mind of the author. So to inculcate the skill of writing a good essay is not overnight business. Nor can it be copied or learnt by rote. Thus the essay writing skill is to be inculcated religiously and judiciously on the day to day basis. Continuity of expression and clarity of thought are the two vital points to be taken care of. The knack of writing a good essay enhances the possibility of scoring high in your optional also.

Beginners are more interested to know about the last stage of the examination, that is interview. So it’s my forced duty to talk about it in the beginning. ‘The least said is the best communicated’ following the adage I would like to say that when you can’t cheat a child and befool a rickshaw puller so how can you think to do the same successfully with the most experienced Interview Board. From today you should start to build up your personality in such a way as there is nothing to hide and start to inculcate the art to evince the best part of your personality before the Board, when you face it.

Wishing you all the best and blessings of God.