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Our Mentorship Programme

As an effort to ensure psychological well-being; to ensure adequate motivation and energy level; and to ensure that the effort of the students and institution yield best possible outcomes, RAO IAS, Lucknow has come up with an ‘innovative’ and a ‘never before in the industry’ approach of “MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME”

This programme is directed towards Soft Skills development and improving the personality of the students. Mentorship programme would work on to promote “Out of the box” thinking and making the students of RAO IAS –Total Quality Persons”.

Under this Programme, the faculty members of the RAO IAS, every one of them, is assigned with the task of ‘MENTORSHIP’ of a small group of students. Each Mentor would be assigned with mentorship of 15-20 randomly selected students and the MENTOR would look after his ward throughout their association with RAO IAS, Lucknow. The Mentorship would not just be limited to academic pursuits but would focus on an all round development of their wards.


  • Make efforts to strike a rapport with their wards-to generate a mutual trust between the ward and the mentor.
  • Make effort to sort out, in a positive way, distress and emotional traumas, if any, of their wards.
  • Would work on improving Social skills of their ward, especially.
  • Would work on Communication skills- written and oral, through interactive drills & innovative ideas; Working out methods keeping in view, each individual’s unique and specific requirements and thus provide “customized solutions” to individual needs.
  • Would work on augmenting cognitive faculties of the ward as well as ensuring “Emotional Intelligence” of each individual. It is almost an established fact that, people who are highly successful, do not necessarily have a high IQ, but essentially have high EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). Studies have shown that people with high EQ have greater mental health, exemplary job performance and more potent leadership skills. Thus, RAO IAS, Lucknow puts a great deal of effort and emphasis on:
    • Self Awareness.
    • Social Skill.
    • Self Regulation.
    • Empathy.
    • Motivation.


  • To maintain a continuous contact with each of the ward, both one to one and online reach-ability.
  • To organize and conduct co-curricular activities like- seminars, elocutions, essay writing, conversation drills, etiquettes exercise and any other new & innovative ideas to ensure the fore mentioned objectives.
  • Mentor’s physical presence in the Institute, at suitable times, even when there is no class, to give a message to their wards that “I am there for you”.
  • Out of the Box thinking- think; ideate; innovate; implement and improve upon perfection.