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Abhishek Patel

Thank you Anshuman sir for guiding me properly for the interview to get a good score. It is worthy, it works. And Ajay Shukla sir, your technique to write good answers in the optional subject to enhance more score. It's practical and reflected in my result. Thank you so much sir. Abhishek Patel Dy. SP 2017

Kritika Awasthi

I want to thank Anshuman sir and Ved sir for constantly guiding me in my journey and making me believe that I can attain success. Kritika Awasthi PCS 2017

Lovely Katiyar

With whatever little experience I have, I can say that success in CSE highly depends upon whether your efforts are being put in the right direction or not ..reason being that thousands of others are also reading that same stuff, attending those same classes.. and thus, getting that extra cutting edge is really important. For me everything fell into place after I joined RAO IAS and had Anshuman sir to guide me. He helped me in honing my writing skills and communication skills. I am grateful to Sir for guiding and encouraging me. Lovely Katiyar IPS 2008 batch rajasthan cadre

Anubhav Verma

I have gained tremendous benefit as I started my preparation for civil services under the guidance of Anshuman Sir and Ved Sir and they helped me a lot in getting confidence not only related to the syllabus of various subjects but also in overall positive aspects of life. The teachers of RAO IAS have always been friendly and supportive which makes the environment more conducive to comprehensive learning. The time that I have spent in Rao IAS is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Regards Anubhav Verma Deputy Labour Commissioner Kanpur.(UPPCS 2009, subjects History and Public Administration)

Brijendra Chowdhary

RAO IAS THROUGH MY EYES: It was always my dream and my aim to qualify civil services examination and to become a member of the most prestigious service of India. Now after being successful in achieving my desired goal, when I look back the first thought comes to my mind is that joining RAO IAS was the best decision taken by me during my preparation. When I joined RAO IAS, I was told that my relationship with the institute would not be restricted to the batch I joined but it would last till I achieve my goal and become an officer. Today I am happy to say that RAO IAS kept its promise and helped me at every step of my journey towards success. The learned faculty members of RAO IAS, Ved Sir and Brajesh Sir guided me through and helped me whenever needed. They helped me a lot in having a conceptual clarity in History and General Studies. I am extremely thankful to Anshuman Sir who is not only an exceptionally good teacher but a great motivator as well. He always gave me psychological support which made me keep going. I again thank RAO IAS for stretching its hands of support to me in times of need. It is really a place where dreams are translated into reality. Brajendra Chowdhary Rank 596 IAS 2008

Sarvesh Tripathi

RAO IAS helped me in the overall development of my personality and made me believe that I could clear competitive exams along with my engineering degree. Personal guidance from Anshuman sir and Ved sir helped me working on my weakness and sharpening my skills, especially answer writing sessions from Anshuman sir helped a lot for my writing skills. I used to attend the evening classes of RAO IAS after my engineering classes and used to get my answers checked and doubts cleared by Anshuman sir and Ved sir on holidays. What worked best for me was the Test series by RAO IAS which followed the post-test analysis by the mentors at RAO IAS. “ Success is only for those who don’t wait for excuses”.


I joined Rao IAS when I was doing my graduation from Lucknow University. The institute provided me the base for which I am always thankful to all the teachers of the institute. I was attached to the Institute for all the 3 years of my graduation and thus it was like a second home for me. The guidance given by Anshuman sir in selecting the subjects has been very crucial in my journey of success. I extend my sincere thanks to the teachers who had guided me through this long journey. My secret to success- I have always been consistent in my efforts. I took failures as an opportunity to learn where I missed. Being sincere in achieving your goals is the mantra for success. Regards.