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25-10-2021 By Admin

UIDAI to host “Aadhaar Hackathon 2021 | Daily Current Affairs for Civil Services Preparation

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has called for celebrating the 75th year of India's independence as the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. It is a year to celebrate innovations in technology and take service delivery to the next level. This year is also significant for Aadhaar, as it enters the next decade of its existence, which aims to further improve the experience of citizens and the various services provided by UIDAI.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, UIDAI is going to organize a hackathon named “Aadhaar Hackathon 2021” targeted at young innovators who are currently in various engineering institutes and eager to step into the real world. Huh. The Hackathon will start at 00:00 on 28 October 2021 and will continue till 23:00 on 31 October 2021.

Aadhaar Hackathon 2021 is based on two themes. The first topic pertains to "Enrollment and Updates", which actually covers some of the real challenges residents face while updating their address.

The second theme of the hackathon pertains to the "Identity and Authentication" solution presented by UIDAI. Under this theme, UIDAI is devising innovative solutions to prove identity without sharing the Aadhaar number or any demographic information. In addition, it is looking for innovative applications involving face authentication APIs. API is the new authentication method introduced by UIDAI. It aims to popularize some existing and new APIs to address the needs of the citizens.

To solve these challenges through innovative technological solutions, UIDAI is reaching out to the youth of all engineering colleges.

The winners of each subject will be rewarded by UIDAI through prize money and other attractive benefits. All the youth are being encouraged to form teams and participate in this first-ever event being organized by the Aadhar team. 


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